The Easy Pantry Cookies You Should Definitely Bake This Weekend

Although we love intricate desserts and freshly baked breads, we’re not going to deny that massive baking projects can sometimes cause as much stress as they’re supposed to ease. Unplug and unwind this weekend by cooking up a batch of fast, tasty, and low-maintenance cookies.

Whether you’re looking for extra chocolate or plenty of peanut butter, these tasty recipes will certainly put a smile on your face — and also make the most of your staples.

Let’s be honest — no one ever bakes cookies without first eating a spoonful (or two) of the dough. Fortunately, the recipe from Molly Yeh means you can snack absolutely guilt-free on a dough!

First she heats the flour to make sure it’s safe to eat and then she mixes sugar, butter, peanut butter and oats. If you’ve got kids hanging around the kitchen, ask them to help mix the candy next time! When that’s over, all you have left is scooping, cooking, and feeding.

The sugar cookie dough from Ree Drummond is the ideal vessel to bake with everything you have hanging around the kitchen. She mixes in pretzels, potato chips and smashed toffee bars but with her easy cookie base there is not much that wouldn’t fit.

If Ree’s list of ingredients seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry — her recipe makes four dozen cookies, but for a smaller batch, it can be easily cut in half.

If you have five minutes to spare and a few pantry ingredients, you have everything you need to whip up a lot of these chocolate-rich treats. Peanut butter and rolled oats add to the cookies’ chewy texture, which only enhances when they chill out in the fridge.

You could use your extra raisins, nuts and oats to make a balanced breakfast but wouldn’t you like to bake a batch of five-star cookies from Ina Garten? She says, “the difference between really good and really boring oatmeal cookies are things that you already have in the pantry, like cinnamon and salt.”

Running low on flour and butter? You do not need a batch of chewy, crispy peanut butter cookies to whip them up. The flourless dough is made up of peanut butter, two types of sugar and an egg which can easily add mix-ins such as chocolate chips.

There’s no way chocolate is too sweet. Case by case? These extra-fudgy cookies, containing both cocoa powder and chocolate chips, double up on the chocolate. If you have no chips on hand (or want to be a little creative), please feel free to add chopped chocolate bars or candies.

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