Top 5 Must-have Trans-Seasonal Style Essentials.

1 Over-sized Sweaters

All we need in those rainy, cold days is the hug of somebody… or a knitted, warm sweater. Colorful or not, typed or not, fuzzy or not, all you’ve got to do is have one. What’s the reason? Because the best way to keep you warm is to sweaters. If it’s not too cold, however, you can always go for a long-sleeved blouse (preferably with some lovely, detailed details).

2 Cozy Coats

Fur? Why don’t the poor animals have to live? Use a fake fur or (better) a fur-free coat! (Gabriella, who is posing here, is also an animal lover) When it comes to color, form, and design, there is no limit. Go for bold colors, prints or even white if you want all the eyes on you. Choose lighter colors if you want to be less heard. That way,

I recommend a gray, eggshell white or beige coat with a classic cut, as both casual and office looks can be easily reworked.

3 Leggings AND Jeggings

These also come in all forms and… well, not in all forms, but in all colors. You can always go for wild prints like tribal if you’re bored with those plain black classic leggings. Be careful how to wear them, though, because a horizontal pattern would make your tights look larger, while a vertical print would make your legs look longer.

During these seasons, P.S. layering is the answer, because sometimes the weather is extremely changing and you may need to take off a few layers if it turns out to be warmer than you expected.

4 Boots Over-The-Knee And Short Boots

If you’re going to spend the day/night out in the cold weather, this is a perfect choice. There are a wide range of booties on the market (wedged, heeled, biker boots, etc.), so choose the one that best suits your lifestyle (and, of course, the weather in your area)

The simplest and most trendy way to wear them is to wear leggings and a knitted jumper, but skirts and dresses will also fit well. 
For a more casual look, booties are another choice.

5. Spacious Bags

These are certainly not going to keep you warm. Nonetheless, spacious bags and rucksacks are a perfect complement for your outfit and the best way to hold all your things (because we know that the bag of a woman is like a black hole – endless).

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