Apple could shut down certain iPhones ‘ lightning charging cable by 2021, the analyst says.

It could soon be time, after more than seven years, to say goodbye to Apple’s lightning charging cable.

In 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple (AAPL) analyst with TF International Securities, said in a report Thursday that the company could discharge the charging cable and port on its premium iPhone models. Instead, the company will opt for a fully wireless device as it aims to differentiate between the more expensive models of the iPhone, Kuo said.

Apple also makes hubs for iPhone 8 and subsequent models for wireless charging.
Kuo’s report also estimates that Apple will release five new iPhone models next year. He expects the company will launch a 4.7-inch model in the first half of the year and in the second half of the year will release four 5G-enabled versions— 5.4 and 6.1 inches lower-end models and 6.1 and 6.7 higher-end models.

Kuo’s projections of releases in the second half of 2020 echo those published earlier last week in a report by JP Morgan analysts.
Clearly, the predictions outlined in the report based on supply chain checks are just that— predictions. Apple has not replied to this story’s request for comment.

But following several years of relatively stagnant iPhone designs, the move to get rid of the lightning cable on some models would be a significant change. And a boost could be used by the group. Although the iPhone remains the single largest source of revenue for Apple, sales have slowed in recent quarters.

The study also points out that the lightning cable could be on the way to joining the long list of input technology that Apple has destroyed over the years, which has often created confusion over the industry standard and what buyers of computer accessories will invest in for the long haul.

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